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How To Install Applications on Windows Phone 8


Microsoft put a heavy emphasis on integrating functionality into its Windows Phone operating system. But just like as with iOS and Android, applications are the easiest way to add functionality that simply isn’t built into to the operating system. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install applications on Windows Phone.

It’s important to remember that applications on Windows Phone are fundamentally the same as other smartphones, except that they use pivots and panoramas. These pivots and panoramas sometimes hide other options and more information, so if you can’t find a feature, or find yourself in an unfamiliar part of the application, simply keep swiping until you find the application you are looking for, or the option you’re trying to use.

Unlock your Windows Phone 8 device by swiping from the bottom of the screen the top. If you have a PIN number, or a password, you’ll need to enter it once you have lifted the lock screen.

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Look for the Windows Phone Store application and tap to open it. Depending on what device and which carrier your device was purchased to operate on, it can be on the top, or bottom, of your Start Screen. In our example, the Windows Phone Store is on the bottom left side of our Start Screen.

3You can also open the Windows Store from the app list by placing your finger on the right side of the Start Screen and swiping from right to left, and then tapping Store from the app list.

4If you are looking for a specific application, tap the magnifying glass on the bottom of your screen once in the Windows Phone Store.

5As with most Windows Phone applications, The Windows Phone Store is a panoramic experience. This means that you can swipe from left to right for more options. Swiping once will show you the Windows Phone Store’s featured application, from there swiping a second time will show a list of featured applications. Swiping again reveals a ‘games’ area, and swiping one last time reveals the featured music section.

Of course you can browse all of these by tapping it’s category in the Windows Phone Store’s first panel on the left.
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Type the name of the application into the search engine. In our example, we’re looking for the iHeartRadio application.

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7Just as with searching Google or Bing, the Windows Phone Store will push up the relevant results of your search to the top of the screen. Since we typed in iHeartRadio exactly, it’s first on our list. Tap the name of the application that is most relevant to your search.


Tap Install. Swiping from left to right on any application page also reveals the latest user reviews, application screen shots and related applications.

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If the application requires permissions, you’ll be asked to authorize the application for those permissions. In our example iHeartRadio uses location data so the Windows Phone Store has asked us to grant it permission before it installs.

If that’s fine, tap yes.


Windows Phone will now take you to the app list and install the application. A small progress bar will indicate if it’s finished downloading or not. Once that bar is gone, tap the application’s tile to open it.

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To add the application to your Start Screen, tap and hold the app’s tile to reveal a drop down menu. Then tap pin to start.

From this menu you can also uninstall the application, share it with other Windows Phone users and uninstall it.

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