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Bootstrap 3 Now in Jetstrap!

Released only hours ago, Bootstrap 3 is a dramatic overhaul of Bootstrap 2, and comes with a lot of changes and improvements. We wrote an extensive blog post on how to prepare yourself for Bootstrap 3, and it’s worth a read if you aren’t familiar with Bootstrap 3.

To start using Bootstrap 3 in Jetstrap, all you have to do is create a new project, and select Bootstrap 3 from the framework dropdown. Any screen created in the project will then use Bootstrap 3 as the framework.

New Components: Panel and List Group

List Group and Panel Components

With the new Bootstrap 3 release comes support for two new components: Panel and List Group. We have added these components for all Bootstrap 3 projects and made them available in the component list. Just drag them into your design to start using them today!

Full HTML Editing

Full HTML Editing

With this release, we are also adding support for full HTML editing. This makes it easy to configure meta tags, tweak your subject line, or link in external Javascript libraries and services.

Now that there is a plethora of good Backend-as-a-Service offerings, it’s a snap to add powerful backend and logic to your Jetstrap screens, all without having to run your own servers!

Try Firebase to get a powerful real-time backend that works 100% in client-side Javascript, or Kinvey to build backend services in Javascript, all accessible through a simple client-side library.

Build with Bootstrap 3 Today

We are excited to release Bootstrap 3 support less than a day after its official release. We think it’s a great framework that has only gotten better. And with Jetstrap you’ll be building with Bootstrap 3 in no time.

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